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COVID-19 Coronavirus Specimen-Insulated Shipper LoBoy Shipper


While the need to safely transport medical material has always been a priority, COVID-19 has made it more vital than ever. Diagnostics have exploded, and patients need answers right away. To make sure that your shipment arrives at its destination as quickly and securely as possible, UN3373 Insulated Shippers ... Read More
July 24, 2020Path-Tec
Universal Transport Medium for Viruses, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma and swab for nasopharyngeal sample collection


Normally, specimen collection swabs are not the type of thing that gets a lot of attention from the mainstream media. Of course, these aren’t normal times, so collection swabs have been front and center in recent months. With the need to rapidly scale testing in response to the ... Read More
June 12, 2020Path-Tec


Coronavirus Collection Kits Are Vital in a Public Health Emergency The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a public health emergency on a global scale. Never before in our lifetimes have we encountered something that has brought the world to a halt in such an abrupt, life-altering manner. While the full toll of ... Read More
April 23, 2020Path-Tec