Path-Tec offers innovative client supply, logistics, and technology solutions to help laboratories thrive in today’s healthcare environment.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of client supplies to meet all of your branding, kitting, compliance, and transport needs. Our kit development solutions will help you reduce cost, ensure proper specimen transportation, and maintain specimen integrity.

We have the tools and the team to help you manage client supplies and specimen logistics. Our solutions along with our experienced logistics team provide the perfect combination to effectively navigate the challenges of supply and specimen tracking.

Our web-based platform allows you to easily manage your client support activities with tools like order and distribution management, inventory control, specimen tracking, carrier and courier logistics, business analytics, and in-depth reporting.

Path-Tec: The Specimen Management Experts

SpectraPath: Supply and Specimen Management Solution

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Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Specimen Management Solutions

We are committed to helping your laboratory thrive in today’s changing healthcare landscape. Our comprehensive specimen management solutions can help you reduce costs, improve client service levels, and increase your operational efficiencies.

Cutting-Edge Technology

You can effectively manage all of your client’s supply and specimen management needs with our comprehensive and user-friendly client support technology platform. Order management, auto-replenishment, and batch ordering are just the beginning. You’ll get distribution tools to help you track supply orders, the ability to schedule carrier and courier pick-ups, as well as visual analytics to help you track all of your key metrics.

Innovative Kit Development & Production

Path-Tec offers a comprehensive portfolio of client supplies to meet all of your branding, kitting, compliance, and transport needs.

Optimize Logistics Spend

Path-Tec has helps labs optimize logistics networks to find the most economical solution with the right level of service.

Exceptional Quality Control

Path-Tec ensures your confidence and peace of mind through our multi-tier quality control process. With several layers of redundant quality checks we can ensure that your kits and supplies are correct, that we are meeting or exceeding distribution deadlines, and that your management tools are always up and running.

World-Class Customer Service

Our in-house customer service and support center is dedicated to answering your questions quickly and efficiently. Whether the question is about your products or shipments, or you need assistance with a technical issue, you can rely on us for answers.

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